Many performers have already joined the Beijing Treaty campaign calling for ratification. We invite you to watch the messages they recorded in our Video section and read their testimonials here under.


 “Actors are at the heart of one of the greatest industries of our time. Any industry that does not adequately reward its  workers is bound to fail sooner or later.”  

  Javier Bardem – Actor, Spain


“It’s simple fairness, passage of this treaty will extend to actors and other audiovisual performers crucial compensation, and image and likeness protections that have long existed for performers in sound recordings”    

  Meryl Streep - Actress, USA


 "In an industry that is increasingly online and global, performers need protection. Rights contained in the Beijing Treaty are vital for performers to make a decent living and maintain their reputation." 

  Ian McKellen – Actor, UK

“When you realize that this intricate jargon is actually about protecting your work internationally, all of a sudden you just know how to read it!”  Toshiyuki Nishida - Actor, Japan

“Each of our performances requires very hard work and unreserved commitment. This is why the protection of our rights is an absolute necessity.”  Naima Lamcharki - Actress, Morocco

“When you act in something and it goes on to be a worldwide success, it is incredibly soul-destroying to know you may have no part in it at all.”  Malcolm Sinclair - Actor, UK