Your performance, your rights:  a FIA flyer to raise awareness about the Beijing Treaty among performers



   This simple flyer is to tell you in a nutshell why the Beijing Treaty matters to YOU, as a performer, as it carries the recognition of that your work deserves intellectual property protection, just like audio performances.


It is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.





Download links to Recto/ Verso A4 Flyer:  


- BTAP Flyer EN


- BTAP Flyer FR


- BTAP Flyer ES


- BTAP Flyer PT


- BTAP Flyer RU






FIA Manual on WIPO Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances






   FIA has prepared a short Manual, seeking to turn complex treaty provisions into plain language, to help performers and their representative organizations understand what the Beijing Treaty is about and how its provisions may be meaningfully transposed in national laws. 


We hope that, by addressing some of the most likely questions about the Beijing Treaty, we will help you grasp its true potential and understand the need to support its ratification worldwide.  


It is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.




Download links to BTAP Manual (50 pages):  


- BTAP Manual Spread EN

- BTAP Manual Lanscape EN 


- BTAP Manual Spread FR

- BTAP Manual Landscape FR


- BTAP Manual Spread ES

- BTAP Manual Landscape ES


- BTAP Manual Spread PT

- BTAP Manual Landscape PT


- BTAP Manual Spread RU

- BTAP Manual Landscape RU


- BTAP Manual Landscape AR